9 minutes 23 seconds


Ekaterina Lisina is a fetish model and former Olympic athlete who's 6'9" with very ticklish size 16 feet. I start off dragging my claws up, and down her big soft soles which instantly causes her to lose it. Ekaterina loves getting tickled, and loves to try and talk while she's being tickled, which only makes it hotter because she can barely finish her sentences. She says while giggling, "Why everyone wants to tickle these big soles?... not kiss them but tickle", as she then bursts into laughter. At one point we improvise a role play scenario in which I play the role of a burglar who breaks into her room, and tickles her after being rejected at a club earlier that night. I only agree to stop tickling her if she agrees to never party again, otherwise she'll become my tickle slave forever. You don't want to miss this 20+ minute, 4 part video with Ekaterina Lisina getting tickled better than she ever has before!

Ekaterina Lisina - The Ticklish Basketball Player Pt. I